This is your GraphQL study guide. Learn the fundamentals of schemas and queries, then implement some apps with hands-on step-by-step tutorials.

Table of Contents


Getting started with GraphQL

Learn GraphQL with Odyssey

Start your GraphQL Odyssey with hands-on trainings: videos, quizzes, code challenges and more!

How to GraphQL

Open-source tutorial website to learn GraphQL development

Build a server

Learn how to build a GraphQL server in the language of your choice.

How to build a GraphQL server

Learn how to build a GraphQL server using Node.js and Express.

Building APIs with Rails and GraphQL

Learn how to build a GraphQL server for Ruby on Rails with GraphQL-Ruby

Zero to GraphQL in 30 minutes

This video tutorial shows how to build the same GraphQL server in Python, Ruby and JavaScript.

Build a frontend

Learn how to build sophisticated apps on top of GraphQL.

The Official Apollo Tutorial

This multi-part tutorial takes you step-by-step through building a messaging app using GraphQL, React and Apollo.

Getting started with GraphQL with Apollo and iOS

In this tutorial, you build a native Swift iOS application with Apollo iOS.

Using GraphQL with Angular

Get started building a simple Angular application that consumes GraphQL data using Apollo.

Relay Tutorial

Learn how to build a simple game with Relay.