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GraphQL is an open spec for a flexible API layer. Put GraphQL over your existing backends to build products faster than ever before.
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Faster frontend development

Iterate quickly on apps without waiting for new backend endpoints. Simplify data fetching and management code by getting the data in the shape you need.

Use your existing data

You can use GraphQL on top of your existing infrastructure: REST, SOAP, existing databases, or anything else. Organize your data into a clean, unified API and query it all at once.

Fewer bytes and roundtrips

Make your apps more responsive than ever before by only loading the data you're actually using, and reduce the number of roundtrips to fetch all of the resources for a particular view.

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Using GraphQL is easy

1. Write a GraphQL API schema

Describe the API you want, then implement some functions that map your schema to your existing backends.

2. Explore your API

Once you write your first GraphQL query, you won't want to fetch data any other way. Use interactive tools to get the data you need.

3. Consume your data

Use your data and build apps faster than you thought possible, with any frontend technology or framework.

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GraphQL, REST, or both?

GraphQL can live right alongside your existing architecture investments and bring critical improvements to your workflow.

No more client-specific endpoints

To make your REST API efficient, you often need to write endpoints tailored to a specific consumer. With GraphQL, each client can get just what it needs.

Don't worry about outdated docs

Documentation and schemas for REST APIs can easily get out of date. In GraphQL, your schema is your contract - so you get automatically correct docs every time.

Understand how your API is used

Consumers of your GraphQL API specify what they are going to use, giving you fine-grained understanding of exactly which fields are used and by whom.

Tools and libraries for every occasion

The incredibly active GraphQL community has produced servers, clients, and developer tools for almost every situation.

Server implementations

Use these technologies to implement a GraphQL API. Full list here.

Client integrations

Easily consume GraphQL data in a way that feels natural for your client.

Developer tools and services

Write queries, visualize your schema, and integrate with your editor.

The API for modern apps

GraphQL is an API technology that meets the demanding requirements of today's frontend apps.

Perfect for UI components

Put your data dependencies right next to your component. Solve your data coupling problems using fragments, GraphQL's first-class composition feature.

Real-time data push

Make your apps more engaging by using GraphQL Subscriptions, a standardized, scalable way to push realtime updates to your frontend.

Static typing and validation

Identify integration bugs before they happen. The built-in strongly typed API schema and expressive query language means you can validate API calls as you type.

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