What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a query language for your API which lets developers describe the complex, nested data dependencies of modern applications. You can use GraphQL with any language or platform to define your backend as a well-defined schema. GraphQL makes it easy to build great developer tools, evolve your API over time, and query data efficiently from any client.

Facebook initially developed GraphQL in 2012 to power its native mobile apps, and released an open-source specification in 2015. GraphQL is now used in many environments and applications by teams of all sizes, including Twitter, GitHub, AirBnB, and Intuit.

Commercial GraphQL Solutions

Kickstart your GraphQL development by working with expert providers
Apollo GraphQL Solutions Apollo is a provider of popular GraphQL open source and commercial developer tools. Apollo Optics is the industry’s first solution to manage GraphQL schemas, deliver query insights, and benchmark performance. Learn more »
Graphcool Graphcool is a powerful backend-as-a-service platform for GraphQL used by companies like Twitter to quickly iterate on new products. In just 5 minutes you can setup a complete backend that works with frontend frameworks such as Angular, Apollo, Relay, React & React Native. Includes built-in integrations for popular services. Learn more »
Scaphold Scaphold provides one API for all your cloud services. As a GraphQL-powered Backend-as-a-Service platform, Scaphold lets you build new APIs, not infrastructure. Instantly launch a GraphQL API into production and integrate popular cloud services with just a few clicks of a button. Learn more »
Reindex Reindex is a team of software engineers focused on GraphQL, React and related open source technologies. Having developed of the first GraphQL Backend-as-a-Service platform, they also provide consulting and on-site training. Learn more »
OKGROW OK GROW! is a modern web app consultancy that delivers hands-on training for GraphQL. They specialize in creating web and cross-platform mobile applications with tools like Javascript, React and GraphQL. Learn more »
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