Case Studies
Read stories from developer teams implementing GraphQL in production.

The GitHub GraphQL API

This is GitHub's original announcement of their public GraphQL API, which also explains some of the reasons they chose to use it.

GraphQL at Shopify

Read this page in the docs of Shopify's public GraphQL API about why it wins over REST for their use cases.

Improving Page Speed With GraphQL at Artsy

Read about all the ways that GraphQL improved the page load speeds at Artsy by reducing payload sizes and number of requests.

Open Sourcing Lacinia, Walmart's GraphQL Library for Clojure

Walmart released its own production-grade Clojure GraphQL implementation, and this blog post explains why GraphQL made sense for them.

Introducing Yelp's Local Graph

In mid-2017, Yelp became one of the most notable companies to release a public GraphQL API, read the introduction and how to use it.

GraphQL: A Data Query Language at Facebook

Read one of the first blog posts about GraphQL from Facebook, where Lee Byron talks about how it was a crucial part of Facebook's native mobile app push in 2012.

Coursera's Journey to GraphQL

How Coursera enabled 1,000s of REST APIs across microservices to work with GraphQL, automatically.

React, Relay and GraphQL at the New York Times

Read how the new New York Times website uses GraphQL, easily binding data to React components with Relay.

GraphQL at Circle

This article describes the usage of GraphQL at Circle, the payment company. It describes how GraphQL solved their challenges and how they designed their payment schema and resolvers.

Why Astronomer is Betting on GraphQL

Why Astronomer implemented their newest feature and public API with GraphQL: Reducing requests, joining data across sources, and easy-to-use documentation.

GraphQL-First in Practice at Quri

How Quri introduce a GraphQL-based development workflow in a non-Javascript environment that allowed front-end devs and back-end devs to build features in parallel.